The Dubuque Area Arts Collective is a group of local creatives working in a grassroots fashion to enhance arts in the area and provide an entryway for young and emerging artists to engage and enrich the arts and culture of Dubuque. The DAAC connects emerging artists with experienced artists, creating opportunities fostering relationships that go beyond traditional networking.

Young artists and musicians receive mentoring from established professionals. Utilizing a DIY (do-it-yourself) ethos, the mentors teach young artists to advocate for themselves and promote their work independently, as well as guide them through the steps required to function within traditional art and music outlets. The DAAC also provides a space outside the mainstream for challenging original art, music, and theater, and other creative interests.

The DAAC is committed to encouraging creative expression and empowering developing artists. Through interdependence, bonds to other artists, and the community at large, are formed, strengthening both individuals and the greater Dubuque area.

Our Current Programs Include:

Art Gallery

Grain Magazine

Ruix Zine

Ruix Podcast

Music Mentoring

Video Interviews and Performances