Music Mentoring

Project 2 is a music mentoring program for Dubuque-area high school students, facilitated by the DAAC. Over a 12 week period from September to November, we will host bi-weekly sessions, culminating in a final performance in December. DAAC members will serve as mentors, guiding students in the fundamentals of music performance. Students will form groups and work together to write, learn, and perform songs, which will be showcased at a local music venue at the end of project.

Students will collaborate with each other and learn necessary skills for live performance from mentors. In August we will reach out to local high schools, particularly the Alternative Learning Center, as well as agencies who work with youth and area music stores, to solicit students for the program. A questionnaire will be given to interested students to gauge skill level and musical interests. We will meet twice a week for 90 minute sessions, in which there will be instruction and rehearsal. Students are encouraged to form groups with their peers. Mentors will assist these groups in bringing their musical goals to fruition. Students will also receive instruction in areas necessary to live performance, such as booking concerts and advertising and how to do lighting and sound. We will also start a record label specifically to promote students in this program, as well as feature them on the DAAC podcast and in our music magazine and website. We will produce CDs and DVDs of the students’ final performance, as well as a short film documenting their experiences throughout Project 2.

Mentoring is designed for Highschool-aged musicians. If you are young talented musician interested about participating, go to our Contact Us page and send us a message.

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