ARTIST CALL: Illuminating Stories

Submissions are due by September 11, 2016. Illuminating Stories is an exhibit that explores illustration across its ever-changing contexts.

Illustration is truly a realm of multi-media which includes digital, hand-drawn, printed and inked works. Illustration is not diminutive. It is not less. Illustrators don’t strive to replicate nature, illustrators diminish extraneous details culminating in authentic and revealing narratives and characters. is a type of image-making that’s diluted to basic structure and then built back up with pure ingenuity and intent. Illustration makes up the majority of our visual literacy; it’s pop culture; it’s storytelling; it’s a reflection and it’s an imagination. As an incredibly dynamic genre of art, illustration can reveal hidden identity, realities and truths, or it can originate it’s own. This exhibit delves into the paradoxical world of shared images and resounding originality. Illuminating Stories draws attention to the resounding originality of style and narrative that illustrators create.

The Dubuque Area Arts Collective invites you to share narrative and characters (truthful or otherwise) through illustration at our Illuminating Stories exhibition. Art must fit the theme of illustration. Exhibit will be on display at the Dubuque Ink and Art Expo, and then will be moved to the Dubuque Area Arts Collective’s art gallery for Fall Into Art.

Submission deadline: September 11, 2016

Ages: 14 and up (students, non-students, developing or established artists)

Media: All media accepted, including but not limited to: Digital or hand-made illustrations, tattoo art, book illustrations, sketchbooks.. etc. Art must fit the theme of illustration.

Notifications: Artists will be notified of acceptance September 12.

Art Drop off: Artist must be able to hand deliver their work (Thursday Sept 22, time TBA) to the Dubuque Ink and Art Expo at the Dubuque River Center, or delivered to the Dubuque Area Arts Collective Art Gallery prior to September 22.



Include your name, email, and phone number. If a student, tell us your school and grade level.

For each piece submitted, please include: title, media, size, and price. Include your artist statement (if applicable).

Attach digital images of each piece: Images must be of good resolution, and saved with tittle and artist last name (Title_Lastname.jpg). Artists must be of ages 14 and up.


About The Author:

Jackie Banigan
Jackie Banigan

Jackie Banigan has a BA in Art History and a certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Iowa. She has interned in education and outreach at the Dubuque Museum of Art and the Figge Art Museum. She has a penchant for supporting local artists and developing community art programs. Banigan is a volunteer at the Dubuque Area Arts Collective.

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