Artist Call: Coaster Art Show

Illustration by Emily Cotton Cram (

Coaster Show Submission guidelines

Head over to the nearest bar and grab a stack of beer coasters for your next art show (and grab some for your kids while you are at it). The Dubuque Area Arts Collective and Daydream Illustration (Emily Cotton Cram) are hosting a coaster art exhibit open to anyone of all ages to participate. The small format allows you to easily accomplish a 2D media exploration in a restricted 4×4 inch paper canvas.

This is an all-ages art show and everyone is welcome to participate. All 2D mediums are welcome. Artists must source their own coasters, which can be purchased from a local craft store, re purposed from a local bar or hand made from poster board or balsa wood. Pieces must be 4 in x 4 in size (square or round), and must be stand-alone pieces of art. No 3D pieces accepted, and coasters must not be heavy or framed.

Pieces are not meant to be functional coasters. If works are sold during reception, purchaser might want to use a sealer if functional use is desired. Artist may suggest what are the best options to seal the work depending on media use. Artist might suggest spray or paint waterproof sealers sold online or at a local art shop. Artists are not required to seal their work.

To participate, email us at or join artist facebook group (find it as Dubuque Coaster Art Group Show on Facebook) to stay informed. Let us know what medium/theme you’ll be using and the number of pieces you’ll be dropping off. We’ll include as many pieces as we can per artist.

Artist name, email and title must be attached or written on the back of each coaster. Tag information (artist name, title, media and price per piece) is also required by email prior to drop off date. Artists are required to sign artist agreement at art drop off. If artist is shipping work, artist must pay for return shipping of unsold work.

Opening Reception: March 6th 6-9pm @ the Dubuque Area Arts Collective (375 Bluff St, Dubuque)

Art drop off: February 29 from 12 to 4pm (or prior by appointment).

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